nationwide sports  & EDUCATION FOUNDATION

Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy learning is a major element of Nationwide Sports & Education Foundation instructional programs. In a straightforward and lighthearted way, we will teach youth the importance of financial literacy that encompasses various subjects such as: check book balancing, budgeting, saving, investing, stocks, bonds,consumer confidence, Federal Reserve System, Fico Scores and the history of money. By using clear language, colorful graphic pictures, an array of easy learning tools, and knowledgeable staff and industry experts, we know our goal to teach financial literacy is attainable. 

Part of our financial literacy program will consist of educating our participants on the value of life and disability insurance, the importance of understanding the different types of coverage how it can be applied in their life, how it can be used as a living benefit or savings tool to handle everyday expenses later in life, how it can pay for education in the future and leave a legacy for their families. Be used to take care of them if they become ill or a sick relative that can no longer take care of themselves, we believe this knowledge and important facts are essential to our or participants understanding of obtaining financial freedom.