nationwide sports  & EDUCATION FOUNDATION


To accomplish our mission, we will train teachers and instructors,partner with resembling mission organizations, develop and research experiential programs and diverse activities, and maintain a catalogue of top financial resources for parents, teachers, and young people. In addition to bringing the free enterprise system to life in the classroom. Nationwide Sports & Education Foundation programs teach young people the importance of staying in school and having respect for themselves and others. Nationwide Sports & Education Foundation programs are a myriad of diverse activities that aim to expand upon students learning in the areas of business economics and life skills training. 

Life skills development workshops will be taught to all youth with some class topics weighing more heavily on 9th-12th grade students. The purpose of this program is to help young people learn and understand issues they will face in the workforce and in the world, such as ethics, appropriate dress attire, effective communication skills, goal setting and attainment, interviewing and networking. Life skills workshops will be conducted by Nationwide Sports & Education Foundation staff and volunteers and will be offered on weekdays during after school hours and on scheduled Saturdays. 

Career development seminars and classes will be offered by qualified college administrators to help expose and prepare students for a wide variety of professional careers. Students will learn how to develop a reume and cover letter, interviewing skills and appropriate attire and job research. Additionally, students will learn how to set short and long term goals.


Basic computer knowledge and graphic programs will be offered and administered by a computer specialist and Nationwide Sports & Education Foundation support staff. In our computers classes, students will receive free lessons in computer graphics and design to help further their knowledge of technology learning that may not be provided in the traditional school setting.


Educational Workshops

Role Modeling/Mentoring will be used to establish a relationship with an individual whom can exert a positive image to our participants. All role models will be prescreened college graduates who will be interviewed,fingerprinted and prepped on the youth or youths they are sponsoring.In order to ensure productive mentoring, a role model or mentor will only be allowed two mentees. 

Educational Seminars will be used to help combat the increase in high school dropouts in the inner city. The program will provide an outlet in which individuals from various professions will come ans speak to our participants. They will share their academic and professional experiences ,as well as, stress the importance of education.For our high school aged participants various college administrators will come and discuss the current admission requirements. In addition, SAT prep courses will be provided to program participants. 

The core weakness the Foundation will address is the dependancy of our student athletes inability to overcome the strenuous regimented academic schedules in their lives. The educational landscape has changed and we will emphasize the value of utilizing time management skills dedicated to study and homework forming the same deep commitment on education that they focus on athletics to help secure their academic future as well.

Sports Training Academy

Our sports training component will be conducted by a seasoned and experienced coaching staff. Nationwide Sports & Education Foundation will help build productivity and increase consistency for student athletes our training methods maximizes success and works towards achieving a higher level of performance while also combating childhood obesity.

Student Athletes and at risk youths will learn skills from a results based organization with strong ties and involvement in the community. We will focus on reaching four major counties in Southern California: Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties.

We will focus on meeting the local need for athletic training and recreation for boys and girls in these areas and target at risk youth in high traffic areas for maximum public exposure for our programs and we will provide healthy nutrition during our training sessions.