Mission Statement


Our Academic Mission: Our Academic mission is to promote academic excellence and success through quality learning assistance programs which supports literacy development and to significantly increase the opportunity and success to obtain scholarships to college for the underrepresented youth in our community.

We will strive to maintain a 100% graduation rate of our student athletes and provide them with the resources to learn and compete with the growing educational demands that colleges are now requiring students to have just to be admitted. Curriculum planning will begin at the seventh grade level and SAT/ ACT prep classes will begin at the ninth grade level along with individual tutorials ensuring that each student athlete meets the NCAA minimum core subject requirements by taking the proper courses throughout middle and senior high school. 

Our Athletic Mission: Our athletic mission is to promote excellence in athletics by way of proper conditioning and nutritional methods promoting youth sports and fighting childhood obesity with fundamental teaching/training and sound skill development. Striving to development student athletes who will rank in the top 10% of their individual positions and age group both locally and nationally.

Our goal is to position each of our student athlete participants to receive consideration for an athletic scholarship to further their education while promoting excellence, respect, integrity, discipline, responsibility, intelligence and the work ethic it takes to become outstanding.


Purpose Statement


We feel we can maximize the success of our program by targeting both the at risk youth in our community and average students along with our student athletes who have the same hunger to learn by teaching them how to not just survive but thrive in our continuously growing global economy. 

With our help they will have the access,information,resources and support to achieve their goals. We will offer year -round quality life coaching that works on students soft and hard skills and teach them the difference between the two and why its so vital to success.

We will teach them new and innovative ways to market themselves,offering them easy access and exposure to colleges,counselors,and professionals. We will also educate the parents or close family members or guardians and encourage family involvement. By accomplishing these objectives we will enable the participating students and communities to secure economic self reliance,knowledge,power and financial literacy.

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